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NJTC's VLCC Successfully Developed US Gulf Route

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  "Yangtze Source" VLCC, which is under Nanjing Tanker Corporation of China Changjiang National Shipping (Group) Corporation, carried nearly 1.7 million barrels of crude oil and arrived US Gulf Loop on August 28 after 40 days of journey. This is the maiden voyage for NJTC’s VLCC to US Gulf Route, marking NJTC’s international crude oil fleet achieved results on one stage in marching into the western market.
  NJTC has always been developing and marching into US Gulf Route (East coast and west bank of the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Caribbean Sea and other regional routes) with greater efforts. As VLCC's fleet scale grew stronger in recent years, the company will strengthen the staff training as their first step in moving into the western market. At the beginning of 2011, the selected operating personnel were sent to London, the world's oil shipping market center, to receive professional training, including familiar with the operational characteristics of US Gulf market, closely track the market changes, actively adjust ship position, and moderately control lead time and other means. The company targeted on late July’s Middle East and US Gulf cargo and reached a deal with price higher than the market level after several rounds of negotiations. The opening of US Gulf Route has improved the profit level of VLCC and further expanded the market popularity and influence.    
  (From: China Changjiang Naitonal Shipping (Group) Corporation)


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