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Maiden Voyage Ceremony of M.S Yangtze 2 and China Marketing Forum 2011 Held in Chongqing

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  Trial voyage ceremony of M.S. Yangtze 2, a brand-new and the largest grand cruiser on Yangtze River, and "New Yangtze, New Journey, China Marketing Forum 2011" was held in Chongqing on August 29-31.President Liu Xihan and Vice President Zhu Ning of SINOTRANS&CSC attended the ceremony. The former was invited to deliver a key-note speech "Yangtze Regional Economic Cooperation against Globalization” while the latter joined the summit dialogue.Zhang Baoxin, member of Party Leadership Group of the Three Gorges Office of the State Council, Liu Ka, Director of Economic Cooperation Department of the Three Gorges Office of the State Council, Tan Qiwei, Vice Mayor of Chongqing Municipality and other guests and leaders were invited to attend the ceremony.
  M.S. Yangtze 2,invested hugely and built by Changjiang Cruise Overseas Travel(CCOTC),a subsidiary to the Sinotrans Changjiang Shipping (Group) Co., Ltd, is a cruiser series with total length of 139.05 meters, width of 19.8 meters and height of 17 meters. It has six floors with gross tonnage reaching of 10, 300. It has total 200 rooms with the largest capacity of 452 people. Among which, presidential suite, deluxe suite, executive room and business room accounted for about 20% of it. By far, key technical indexes of M.S. Yangtze 2 all have created the top in the world's inland cruiser, i.e. the largest size, the largest capacity in gross tonnage, largest passenger capacity, the most complete service and the best in energy-saving and environment protection. The cruiser broke through the traditional pattern and achieved leapfrog development in new generation of cruiser by boldly adopting the world's most advanced sea cruise design concept and style. M.S. Yangtze 2 has its construction technology and quality of interior reached platinum five star cruiser level, representing the top level in today's world inland luxury cruiser.
  The putting into operation of M.S. Yangtze 2 marks the improvement of tourism by Yangtze cruise and industry upgrade, i.e. transformed from the traditional tourism sightseeing to leisure tourism, thus the cruiser, as the tourist destination, became prominent-featured. M.S. Yangtze 2 is the thirteenth in the cruiser line of Changjiang Cruise Overseas Travel. Up to now, total passenger places of it has reached to 2670 and continued to keep a leading position in the industry with annual reception capacity of 180, 000.
  M.S. Yangtze 2 embodies six features of new generation of cruisers, large size, high-grade quality, intelligent information, inPidual service, leisure travel, low-carbon and environment protection. Changjiang Cruise Overseas Travel attached great importance to energy-saving and emission-reduction in its design and building. Except the advanced technology for reducing vibration and noise was adopted, the light heat insulation materials were also be used that reduced the ship weight of more than 40 tons. At the same time, M.S. Yangtze 2 is the first cruiser used LED light on the Yangtze River, which may save more than 20 tons of fuel oil each year despite the large investment in its early stage. In addition, the energy-saving technology used predicted to save hundreds of tons fuel oil for each year with its own exhaust gas boiler on the generating set through supplying heat via waste gas.
  M.S. Yangtze 2 has the unique indoor swimming pool with constant temperature and humidity on the Yangtze River; movie theater and conference hall for simultaneous interpretation with the world's first-class sound system disposition; the largest open air sun deck; more than 700 square meters multi-functional auditorium, Chinese restaurant, business dining hall, sunny bar, coffee house, library, entertainment room, quan Spa, shopping mall, super brand mall, jewelry shop and sightseeing elevator, which create a beautiful and comfortable environment for people's leisure tourism. The activity on the cruise will be more Persified and China's high consumption group can enjoy the sea cruise high quality service without travelling far away.
  (From: China Changjiang National Shipping (Group) Corporation)



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